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Hi Kerri,

I am more than excited coming across your protocol. My family have been using MMS for a while as prevention for malaria and its been working great for us.This made me to looking for other ailments this solution could work for. it was exciting to know that it works for the children on the spectrum as well. This came at the point when I want to start a not for profit organization for Autism awareness. I think it will go beyond just awareness now… I want to find out the possibility of working hand in hand with you by introducing this protocol to the numerous autistic families we have in Nigeria. Looking at the list of countries that have used your protocol, Nigeria is not on the list, this really made me sad. I will appreciate the collaboration to be able to give a meaningful life to children on the spectrum in country.


Email received April 13, 2015

Dear Kerri,
In December I was told about a woman in our community who had been extremely ill with Lyme disease. She worked with Autistic children. She saw one of her previous students, now 17 years old and did not recognize him. His mother shared that her son and her whole family had followed your protocol and this had changed their lives. She was afraid to try it for Lyme, but after several more months of no improvement on antibiotics, decided to give it a shot last spring. By the end of the summer she was a changed person and everyone in town took notice. When I met her, she had just applied for a full-time position and had tons of energy and felt 100% better.

Email received on April 11, 2015

Subject: ATEC SCORE FROM 91 TO 52 in less than a month

Dear Kerri,

After praying so much to Jesus and the Virgin Mary to please show me the way to help my 3 y/o son to get a better sleep and have a better quality life, I started doing research on the internet and your book popped up on My son’s regression started after the vaccines around 18 months.

Immediately I read the amazon reviews and I heard amazing things and finally HOPE for my child… I went to your facebook page, saw your videos on and learned so muchhhhh precious information, that I never knew it could possibly existed. I cried for a week after watching the videos (previously I didn’t want to accept that my child had autism symptoms), kids healed, kids improving… OMG… I was into something… Ordered your book and started to implement your protocol as long as I was reading it… first the diet… the first day of the diet: IT WAS THE FIRST NIGHT THAT MY SON SLEPT DEEPLY after I don’t know how many long months! Hardest part was what to give him to drink… I cut his juices immediately; he only drank almond milk 2-3 times a day for a week… He drinks CD with water and Stevia now, amazing… After CD for 2 1/2 weeks: He plays with his toys now… I was losing him before…. HIS EYE CONTACT is great….

By following your protocol for a month now, Kerri Rivera, Mark has improved more than all the therapy he has received since he was 2 years old!!! And we are so deeply thankful… Please feel free to share my message with all your groups… I keep you posted on Mark’s progress.



I read your whole book cover to cover – Great work, Kerri Rivera!

We have a 16 year old son who recovered thanks to the protocol outlined in the Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism book. The Chlorine Dioxide (CD) protocol is fairly straightforward to follow and quite inexpensive. I think the CD protocol is a game changer for recovery from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and so many other chronic and terminal health problems. This book is very valuable as it makes the CD protocol very accessible in simple language to people all over the world. The book goes in detail on how to follow the CD protocol and the accompanying parasite protocol in easy to follow format and execute. There are support groups for this book at There is no more any excuse to give up on any ASD kid or even adult. Everyone now has a very high chance of recovery at a very low cost in a very rapid manner. Thanks to the authors Kerri Rivera and and Kimberly McDaniel for this timely gift to the world.

Nothing succeeds like success, and bravo to Kerri Rivera and the warrior moms who have used this treatment for finding a process that has succeeded for them. Mothers need choices for themselves and their kiddos. Not everyone will want to do this, and they’re free to try other methods to return their kiddos to NT status. I send them lots of blessings

I have found that nothing brings out naysayers like success – and particularly in the medical field, and with a therapy that is not officially sanctioned by the AMA, FDA, etc. I, personally, lost faith in the AMA and FDA years ago.

This book has absolutely saved my sons life. After his vaccine injury 18 years ago, my son has suffered learning disabilities his entire life. He was severely autistic. He was tossed around from school to school as the numbers special education children grew and grew. Our son was still being taught how to tell time and do simple math at age 17. We did biomed and spent about $2500 on Hair, stool, urine, and blood tests and found that our son had high oxalates, he was bottomed out on B12 , vitamin D , he had severe digestive distress. 

When we started b12 injections and the other DAN protocol, our son progressively got worse. He self injured to the point of breaking his bones, clawed his eyes. He lost all language and stopped responding to us and began to drool. He put holes through my walls and became very aggressive throwing metal chairs across the room. Then he began to run havoc on our neighborhood. Our first police incident was after he had kicked down a neighbors fence. The week before that was him destroying a cement lawn furniture in another neighbors yard. We had hit ROCK BOTTOM. 

The next move was for us to turn him over to a group home. Then what? About that time we heard about the treatments with CD. Since my husband is a biology teacher, and I have training in wilderness survival and having to use water purification tablets, we understand the uses for Chlorine Dioxide. After all the recommended Dan protocol, we finally realized that the reason our son was lacking in B12 and the others was because he was filled with Parasites and these deficiencies were caused by the parasites. It was their favorite food. It was the fact that our son may have been suffering from parasite infection that was our biggest shock. Before starting treatment on our son we began the treatments on ourselves. We soon found that through our own results , that it was time to start healing our son.

We had no where to go but up. 

Within a few days we saw our first parasites, and the self injury began to diminish. We have been doing treatments for our son for 3 1/2 months. We are getting our boy back. The protocol that is lined out in this book has literally saved our sons life. He is no longer aggressive like before and the amounts of parasites that are coming out of our son is shocking. The biggest question here needs to be why on earth has billions of dollars been spent on autism research in the genetic components, older fathers, smoking mothers and other hokey guesses and theories when all the time our childrens immune systems have been destroyed from Vaccines, pollution, antibiotic over use, and GMO foods. From these assaults their bodies have not been able to fight off anything and so they are filled with viruses, yeast, flukes, candida, ropeworms, ascaris, tapeworms, and hook worms by the thousands. Think about it. Autism is infestation of parasites.

Those fighting this cure we have found are welcome to allow their autistic children to continue to suffer. I choose to heal mine. And he is Talking again and smiling and I am finally meeting a son I never knew his whole life long. Thank you Kerri Rivera, words can not express the feeling of having our son back. You are an angel. Bless you.

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