Corrections & Updates to the Second Edition

The Second Edition of the book, Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism is the latest available edition.  The CD Autism Protocol is refined and adjusted as needed.  Changes since the publication of the second edition have been shared on facebook groups and the CD Autism Forum.

Known issues are as follows:

Page Correction Notes
 117 The numbers in the Ocean Water chart are minimum daily values, so the “go to” amount is the minimum you must work up to.  The dose for a child 30mL is their daily dose, so you would divide those 30mL into 3 doses and give 10mL in the morning, 10mL in the afternoon, and 10mL in the evening.  As stated, this is a rough guide, and many parents go over these values.
194 & 200-207 On this page it says 25mg of mebendazol for a small child.  However, on pages 200-207 it says 100mg for a small child. The charts should just say “child”.  The dosing is correct on page 194 as that is by weight.
 195 It says to take castor oil 2 hours after breakfast, yet the charts all say 1 hour after breakfast.  It should be 2 hours after breakfast.
 Other Special Addendum on Mineral Supplementation.  Click following link: Addendum1_to_Healing_the_Symptoms_Known_as_Autism-2nd_Edition-9780989289023.pdf.