Defamation of CD Autism by Twisted Data – Example 1

Negative stories about CD (chlorine dioxide)/MMS often state bluntly that it will cause renal failure.

If you search Google about this you will find pages of results mentioning this danger along with my name and chlorine dioxide.

The reference from which this “fact” originates seems to be this little report on the National Institutes of Health’s website:

Here is a backup copy on this webpage should someone decide to conveniently delete it:

Acute sodium chlorite poisoning associated with renal failure

Here are the first two sentences from the abstract of this citation:

“A 25-year-old Chinese male presented with generalized cyanosis and respiratory distress.
The patient was known to have ingested 10 g of sodium chlorite in a suicide attempt.”

The key point is the 10 grams of sodium chlorite.  We will presume they are talking about sodium chlorite powder.

For those not familiar with the CD Autism protocol, it is important to know that we use liquefied sodium chlorite and mix it with food acid such as hydrochloric acid (HCl), which is the same acid our stomach produces.  The combination produces a small amount of chlorine dioxide.  If someone were to only take sodium chlorite alone, they would still produce chlorine dioxide when it mixes in the stomach with acid.

The CD Autism protocol uses a 28% solution of sodium chlorite which is produced by mixing sodium chlorite powder and purified water.

If you do the math, 10grams of sodium chlorite powder will produce about 26 milliliters of liquid sodium chlorite solution.

A milliliter contains about 20 drops of liquid.

So, 26 milliliters of liquified sodium chlorite x 20 drops per milliliter gives us a total of 520 drops.

This Chinese suicidal man took the raw form of 520 drops!!!

A common dose of CD involves no more than a few drops.   Starting doses are supposed to be only 1/8 of a drop while others can tolerate 3 or more (but not much more).

Do you see a problem here?

The numbers show that this man took about 173 times that of a typical dose; and over 4,000 times that of a starting dose for a person on the CA Autism protocol.

Is there any surprise this man suffered renal failure???

So, this guy’s suicide attempt is supposed to prove that the CD Autism protocol will result in kids developing renal failure???

If someone were to take 173 to more than 4,000 times the recommended dose of most any pharmaceutical drug, vitamin or mineral it would be no surprise if that person had a bad day.  Imagine taking 200 or more aspirin!  You would probably die.  Note:  This guy did NOT die!!!

But, what really adds to the ridiculous use of this citation as proof by the world media that the CD Autism protocol is dangerous is the last sentence:

“To our knowledge, there has been no clinical report
of human intoxication with sodium chlorite.”

This is just one of many examples of distorted information being distributed by numerous bloggers and media alike.

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