“Bringing hope and recovery to families with children on the Autism Spectrum is not only my mission, but my passion as well.  I strive to impart the truth that “Autism is Avoidable, Treatable and Curable.”

Kerri Rivera


The following is an excerpt from the book, Chapter 1, which provides a good history of CD Autism.

Kerri’s Story

“What happened, what did you do to Patrick?”  That was the first thing my husband asked me when he first saw our son, after returning from a weeklong trip.  This was just five days after our youngest son Patrick received his last vaccine—the DPT (diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus) + Hepatitis B + Influenza B (what is known in Mexico as the Pentavalente) on the 13th of August 2002 at two years and one day old.

That question was the first of many to propel us down our path paved with autism.  I told Memo (my husband) that we shouldn’t worry.  The nurse mentioned that we could expect a fever, or he could be listless.  These were completely normal reactions.  Contrary to what she said, what we observed during those first days and weeks were loss of eye contact, flapping, toe walking, high-pitched marine noises along with excessive drooling—drooling that would soak the front of his clothing.

Patrick had also lost all of the speech he had acquired; Mama, Pa, agua (water in Spanish), letters of the alphabet, numbers… all of it.  The only thing he wanted to do was watch videos while running back and forth in his bedroom squealing the “ambulance sound,” flapping and banging his gut, and drooling through all his clothes.

Not being well versed at the time in these problematic symptoms, we chalked it up to a case of the terrible twos.  But these particular terrible twos led to loss of sleep for Patrick as well as the rest of the family, antibiotic use for green nose and eye mucous, and raging diarrhea that was so acidic it would burn his skin upon contact.  This would be the story for the rest of the third year of his life.

The first of many to associate Patrick’s behavior with autism would be my great aunt.  She mentioned to me that she believed Patrick had autism after observing him at a family get together in April of 2003 while we were visiting relatives in Chicago.  It was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard.

Nevertheless, I went home that evening and immediately Googled the symptoms of autism.  Laid out on the website were symptoms like spinning objects, lining up objects, self-injurious behavior, lack of socialization, and several other factors that I felt in no way described my son.  I dismissed the comment, and continued to watch my son display strange behaviors, without understanding why.

I was back in Chicago a few months later in July.  While going out for a run, I saw a girlfriend of mine who has a child the same age as Patrick.  We stopped to chat and she asked me how he was doing.  I said, “fine.”  She asked me if he was talking yet.  I told her he had developed language, but since March he had lost all the vocabulary that he had previously acquired.  My girlfriend looked at me and said “Oh…” with a look of concern on her face.  I asked her, “What’s wrong?  What does that mean?” Now I was extremely nervous.  “Well,” she said reluctantly, “loss of language is a red flag for autism.”  There was that word again.  I told her that we had already gone through all that, because by then I had taken Patrick to a neuro-pediatrician in Guadalajara, a psychologist with a huge center in Guadalajara, and a local psychologist in Puerto Vallarta.  All three of these experts had told me that he was fine; they didn’t see any problems with his development.

I started on my jog, and about halfway through, it hit me that Patrick did have autism, so I sprinted home, sat down at the computer and went to the Autism Society of America’s website and found a checklist of 16 symptoms of autism.  The directions said if your child had 12 or more than most likely he has autism, Patrick had exactly 12.  Looking back, he most likely had 14 or more, but I wasn’t ready to see those just yet.

That same day I called his pediatrician in Puerto Vallarta and I told her I thought my son had autism, and she told me, “No, I have never seen anything like that in your son, but bring him and I will take another look.”  When we went in she observed him.  She said that he didn’t line things up, he didn’t hit his head, he would still come to me, he was ‘playing’ with some toys in the waiting room, so therefore my son didn’t have autism.

The pediatrician told me to go home that day to wait for him to straighten out.  All the experts told me he was the way he was because he was the baby of a bilingual family that—according to them—traditionally produces late talkers; his parents and brother were all late talkers.  He was spoiled.  He had a nanny.  And, he’s a boy—boys are late talkers, etc., etc.  The pediatrician successfully talked me out of the diagnosis once again.

As nothing was wrong, that fall we put Patrick into a kindergarten.  His teacher would tell me Patrick isn’t doing this activity or that, and I replied that we had taken him to see all the specialists, and he was just a late talker.  She was super sweet about it and every few months she would make a comment to me because she saw him drastically different from his classmates.

Then one day it happened, I got a call from the director of the school saying that her friend, a neuropsychologist was in town from the United States, and she would like her to see my kids.  At 6pm on March 12, 2004 I had an appointment with this neuropsychologist.  I had already figured that this woman wanted to see Alex, my older son because he hadn’t been doing well at school.  He hadn’t been sleeping well since Patrick hadn’t been sleeping, which led to some poor performance in school.  I had already gotten the news that Patrick was fine, so when she started focusing on him and his behaviors I was slightly confused.  We sat down in his classroom, and she started asking me if he always… runs in circles, flaps, drools excessively, squeals like a dolphin, etc., (we actually used to joke that his mother must have been a dolphin).  After that, I told her how we had already gone to all of these specialists and they said he was fine.

I was tired of getting the run around, and then everybody asking me what was wrong with my kid when he was just taking some extra time getting going.  That’s when she said to me, “I can’t believe they didn’t tell you your son has autism.”

These words changed my life forever.  Of course I asked her if she could be wrong, and she said, sure there exists a possibility, but she had done her post grad in autism, had seen hundreds of cases and this diagnosis was her professional opinion.  That opened the floodgates for a river of tears that didn’t end for years to come.

Being a positive person, I asked her what I should do.  She said, “I would like to introduce you to a group of psychologists that are in town.”  The next day I went with her to a hopeless place, with hopeless people and I asked her if this is something that we can cure, and she said, “No, you can do therapy with these psychologists, and that’s it.”  Children are born with autism and they will die with it, was the basic sentiment.  I knew for sure that my son was NOT born with autism.  He was the smartest, bright-eyed baby ever, and we had the photos and the videos to prove it.  He was not born the ghost of a child that we had now.  I knew that I would keep searching until I found something else for Patrick.  I became proactive and never returned to that place.

The very next day I saw another girlfriend and she mentioned that she had a book on ADD and autism, so I immediately picked up the book and it was all about diet.  Gluten-free, casein-free to be specific, and I decided to start it right away.  Truth be told, Patrick’s diet was horrible, he had self-restricted to only dairy and wheat.  Bread products and cheese were his staple foods, but the good news was he still ate potatoes.  Even as an autism novice, I knew I couldn’t take him to a fast food chain because those fries were coated in gluten.  We started off with just homemade fries with sea salt, because that was the only thing left on his diet that he would eat.  After three days of being on the diet he said three words, the first three words he had said in over a year.  I knew we were onto something.

The next week I ran into a friend from tennis, I really didn’t want to say hi, because I was really depressed, but I heard a voice saying to me “It’s not about the road but about smelling the flowers along the way.”  So, I forced a smile on my face, and went to say hi to her in my great depression.  Well, she started to complain about her week, so I listened patiently, and then I told her about my week; Thursday my identity was stolen on the Internet, Friday my son was diagnosed with autism, and Saturday my dog of 14 years had to be put to sleep.

When she heard all this she turned off her car and told me how sorry she was.  She said that she would put me in touch with her friend that had opened the Early Autism Center in Toronto, Canada.  When I woke up the very next morning, I had a long email from Norah Whitney waiting in my inbox.  She would turn out to be the first of many autism angels in my life.

I received a lot of precious information from that email, but what was maybe the most important detail for me was that what had happened to my son was an effect of all the vaccines he had received, he wasn’t born with autism, as I knew.  I also hadn’t caused this, and I needed to start letting go of some of my guilt.  Norah also told me that we can treat autism and I needed to immediately contact a DAN! Doctor, and Dr. Bobby Newman, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Licensed Psychologist.  Norah said that they were the best, and that this group of DAN! Doctors were curing autism.

I got in touch with everybody and that same month we started our own Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program.  I also took Patrick to the States to see his first DAN! Doctor.  When I got back home from that trip I had bought nearly $5,000 (US) of supplements and injectables.  That didn’t mean I knew how to use them, and by no means was I watching my son improving before my eyes.  This was June of 2004, and we went through the rest of that summer with some supplements, other biomedical interventions, and 40 hours a week of ABA therapy.

That fall, some friends mentioned to me that their father was receiving chelation in San Diego, and I had just heard someone else saying that chelation was working for kids with autism, due to their extreme metal toxicity.  By the end of the evening I had the phone number for the clinic that was providing his chelation.  When I called for information, they told me that they referred all of the children’s chelations to Dr. Woeller in Temecula California, so I made Patrick an appointment.  In March of 2005, I took the whole family to Temecula to see Dr. Woeller, because basically nothing was happening with the supplements I had been giving to Patrick.  I knew I needed to keep exploring other avenues.

Several thousand miles and various tantrums later, we arrived at Dr. Woeller’s office. I told the receptionist that we had come to see Dr. Woeller.  To my chagrin she said, “No, you have an appointment with some other doctor, Dr. Woeller isn’t even in town right now.”  My husband was sure I had messed up the appointment and was extremely upset with me.  Meanwhile, Patrick was screaming, crying and taking his clothes off in the waiting room.  They finally let us through to speak with the other doctor and after going through Patrick’s autism we explained that we wanted to chelate.  We had the understanding at that point that his autism was coming from the mercury in the vaccines.  She told us point blank that we couldn’t do everything at once, and before we could chelate we would have to clean up his gut.  I flew home with my family totally deflated.  We started on the impossible journey of cleaning the gut.

My first ever autism conference turned out to be AutismOne in late May of 2005.  I met a lady who was a rescue angel for Generation Rescue, and I told her I wanted to chelate my son with those DMPS drops, which were fashionable at the time.  She told me that when it came to my son’s recovery I shouldn’t take no for an answer.  I had to advocate for my son, and not let myself get pushed around.  With that wisdom, I called Dr. Woeller’s office again and told them I wanted my appointment with Dr. Woeller himself, and I would not be given the run around.  The manager listened to me and said that she would put me through to him.  After a long c’onversation, Dr. Woeller agreed to take Patrick’s case and that he would help me chelate my son.  He agreed with me that it was silly to think that we could have the gut completely under control before beginning chelation.  Eventually I got the DMPS drops for Patrick that I had so coveted, and I felt we were back on track.  However, after about six months of using the drops we still saw no change.

Flashback to that same AutismOne conference, where I had attended a lecture about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and the removal of all grains from the diet—a diet that helped Patrick inch forward minimal improvement by minimal improvement.

In November of 2005, I had a phone consult with Dr Woeller, and having been disappointed with the transdermal DMPS I decided to ask if there was anything new in the world of autism.  The answer that would end up changing all of our lives was hyperbarics or HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy).

I learned that there was a really nice man by the name of Bob Sands in San Diego who owned a corporation that manufactured hospital grade hyperbaric chambers.  I phoned Bob’s office because Patrick was going to need 40 sessions right away, and I wanted to check prices and see if there was a package discount for hyperbarics.  The answer was yes, in fact there was a discount.  I scheduled Patrick’s HBOT, and took both of my kids to San Diego, where we stayed for 20 really long days to get Patrick his first 40 sessions of hyperbarics—two a day—everyday, morning and night.

During that time, my husband and mom would call and ask me if Patrick was better, but he was still naked in front of the TV, jumping up and down, flapping and squealing.  It wasn’t until we got back home that he began to pronounce the first syllables of all of the words for things he wanted, like “ap” for apple.  We considered hyperbarics a great success, but like I said that wasn’t until a couple of weeks after we finished the 40 sessions.  That’s when we really began to see the changes in Patrick.  Bob always says that HBOT is the gift that keeps on giving; you can see benefits for up to two months after you finish your sessions.

Meanwhile, Bob and I hit it off right away.  He had a real jovial and family-oriented atmosphere in the clinic.  I told him my story and how I wanted to help people know that autism is avoidable, treatable and curable.  I shared with him that there was no information, much less Biomed or autism recovery in Mexico (and most of Latin America).  I wanted to help people and to share with people that there is a lot we can do to help our children heal.

The very next day he walked into the office and changed the course of my life forever.  He told me that he was in fact friends with Dr. Bernard Rimland, “Bernie,” the Grand Godfather of Biomedical treatment for autism, and the author of Infantile Autism, Dislogic Syndrome, and the founder of the Autism Research Institute.  I told Bob that meeting Bernie today, would be akin to having met Mick Jagger when I was 15.  He then announced that we would be having lunch with none other than Bernie himself and Mrs. Rimland.  For the first time in my life, I admitted to Bob that I was so excited that I didn’t know what to say.  Bob told me that when it was my turn to say something that I should ask Bernie “What can I do for DAN!?”

In a tizzy I ran over to Marshall’s, the discount retailer; bought a new suit, hose, and even a pair of high heels.  The next afternoon, I put on my new ridiculous clothes, ditched my kids with my friend’s maid, and hopped in Bob’s Jag to meet Bernie and Gloria (Dr. and Mrs. Rimland)—an absolute dream come true.  When we arrived at their favorite restaurant, I was completely overdressed.  Gloria ordered a salad, and the guys had tilapia because Bernie didn’t really like vegetables.  The conversation ranged from Kinotakara patches, to the difference between soft-sided hyperbaric chambers and hard hyperbaric chambers.

I waited until there was a lull in the conversation and I went for it, I asked him what could I do for DAN!, and he said I should translate the DAN! Protocol and take it to all of Latin America.  His words left me totally dumbfounded.  Had I heard right?  Latin America?  I was thinking my town of Puerto Vallarta, or maybe Jalisco, (the state we lived in) and maybe in my wildest dreams all of Mexico, but this was much bigger than I had imagined.  At this point, though there was no stopping the momentum that we had started.  Within months we translated the Protocol to Spanish, and donated it to the Autism Research Institute, for dissemination throughout Latin America.  Much later I would find out that one of my dear friends, Yeroline, would heal her son from autism using the translation of the DAN! Protocol, as well as others.

During that same trip my husband and I spoke to Bob about buying one of his chambers for the not-for-profit autism clinic we were planning on opening in Puerto Vallarta.  The plan was to run the clinic on a non-profit basis, but anchor the clinic by charging the public for their sessions in the chamber, allowing all the profits to pay for children with autism to go for free in the chamber.

It was a green light all the way.  We deposited the money for the chamber in March of 2006, and it arrived on October 31, 2006.  AutismO2—Hyperbaric Clinic officially opened its doors on Dec 1, 2006.  We threw a party for the inauguration, invited friends, family, Patrick’s therapists, and our local priest came to Bless This House.  We all wore white, and in honor of Patrick, who was our motivation for opening the clinic, we all had on nametags that said Kerri—Patrick’s Mom, Memo—Patrick’s Dad, etc.  It was a special evening for all of us, but me especially, as it solidified what would be the path that I would still be walking as I write this book seven years later.

The clinic had a Sand’s Hyperbaric Chamber, an allopathic physician with a specialty in Hyperbarics, 2 psychologists, 2 hyperbaric technicians, and me, to initially meet with the parents.  As for the chamber, we always knew that it was going to help a lot of kids with autism, but it has helped a lot of others as well.  The chamber was what gave language back to Patrick in 2006.

Later that same year we sent our allopathic doctor with our naturopathic hippie doctor to Ixtapa, Mexico for a hyperbaric conference, where they serendipitously met Dr. Giuseppina Feingold, (Dr. Jo) a DAN! doctor using hyperbarics for children with autism.  As soon as our guys got back to Puerto Vallarta they started insisting that I had to contact her because she is curing kids with a protocol that included hyperbarics.  Never one to waste time, I emailed her immediately, but at the time I didn’t know she wasn’t an email person and, because I am just not a phone person, we didn’t connect.

Fast forward to January 2007, my husband, Memo, was buying a 1951 Desoto on eBay.  We had to pay for the Desoto with a check, and therefore started to talk to Bryan, the seller of the car.  During their conversation, Memo, my husband, said to Bryan “If you don’t want to sell, because it’s worth more than your selling price I will understand.”  Bryan had already decided to let it go, but at the same time he was interested in where the car was going, what Memo did for a living, etc.  Memo told him about our life in Puerto Vallarta, and the classified ad magazine business that he owns.  That’s when Bryan stopped him and said, “I’ve heard of that magazine!”

It turned out that this Bryan was a nurse who works with a doctor who does hyperbarics and heals kids with autism.  Well, that piqued Memo’s interest, so he told Bryan about Patrick’s autism and then Bryan says you must call Dr. Jo, yes, the very same Dr. Jo that our clinic doctor had met months earlier at the Hyperbaric Conference in Ixtapa.  So, I called her immediately and when she answered I said who I was, and I told her Bryan told me I had to call her.  I asked her if she believed in God and she said yes.  I went on to tell her that in September she had met with my clinic’s doctor and how I had emailed, but never heard back.  At the time, Dr. Jo had been receiving so many emails that sometimes she couldn’t get to all of them.

Finally we had connected, and we hit it off right away.  I immediately told her all about the clinic and Patrick, hoping that she could come to Vallarta.  She told me that I had to go see her in New York first, and we would get Patrick some treatment.  So off we went to freezing cold New York in March of 2007.

We immediately started treating Patrick with IV chelation.  The theory at the time was the main factor causing autism were heavy metals coming from vaccines that were damaging the methylation pathways.  During my daily treks to Dr. Jo’s office I finally met Bryan, the owner of the Desoto that my husband bought on eBay.  We started talking about my clinic and what we could do collaboratively if Bryan were to move there.  Bryan had already been in nursing for almost 30 years and was an expert in ozone and other alternative therapies.  He told me he was ready for some changes, and we were very interested to have someone of Bryan’s caliber and relaxed personality to join us at the clinic.

Within a week of my return to Puerto Vallarta Bryan came for his first visit, to see if he could call Vallarta home.  Two months later he came back with all of his equipment to set up his office.  We were a great fit, and Dr. Jo would fly down from time to time to help out with patients.
From 2007 to 2008 we were treating Patrick with IV chelation on top of his regular GF/CF/SF, diet, supplements, and hyperbarics. In May of 2008, I met a mom who had recovered her autism spectrum child with homeopathy.  Almost immediately I started working with a world class homeopath from June 2008 to May 2009, but I didn’t see anything to make me feel that the cure to autism was down that path.  That same year I met a doctor doing the Yasko protocol, and she had some ideas, so we gave it a try from August 2009 until the end of May 2010.  At that point, Patrick honestly looked worse than before we had started giving him 80 supplements a day.

By now I had become disenchanted with Defeat Autism Now! based megavitamin protocols.  A precious few of the families that we helped recovered their children with diet, supplements, chelation and hyperbarics.  However, the overwhelming majority still had an autism diagnosis after tons of work by their parents, and usually a lot of money spent on supplements and treatments.  I started feeling like it was a fraud, telling people to follow this protocol, which I knew wasn’t going to be enough to recover most of the kids.  That’s not to say that we weren’t seeing vast improvements, but counting all of the children that we worked with, only two children recovered.

By July of 2010, I was totally disillusioned and befuddled and I didn’t want to continue doing what I was doing the way I was doing it.  So, I asked the Universe/God/Angels—whoever was listening, for help.  If my mission truly was to help families recover their children from autism then I was going to need a tool to work with.  One that was available on every continent and that was affordable to everyone, because what we had just wasn’t doing the job.

No magic voice came, thank God!  Because that would have really freaked me out.  However, I started to remember these colorful little bottles of chlorine dioxide that I never used.  I decided to research their use on Google.  Disappointingly, there was absolutely nothing on the Internet about autism and Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) aka chlorine dioxide (CD).  So I started thinking about what autism is made up of.  So, I Googled chlorine dioxide with virus, bacteria, candida, heavy metals, blood brain barrier, allergies, and inflammation.  The evidence was overwhelmingly positive, which showed me that CD could treat all of the components that make up autism.  I had hope once again.

I was especially interested because at the clinic, we specialize in oxidative therapies such as hyperbarics and ozone.  As chlorine dioxide is more benign than what we were already using, I decided to investigate further.

No side effects except a possible Herxheimer reaction; which is not a side effect of chlorine dioxide itself, but can happen with any detoxification protocol.  I decided to speak to my husband and son Alex, who were also excited.  The next day at the clinic, my husband’s best friend’s cousin and his wife were getting out of the chamber.  I said, “Hi!” and she immediately said to me, “I’m taking CD.”  She didn’t say “Hi!” or “Kerri!” just, “I’m taking CD.”  That was the definitive moment for me—my Aha! moment.  I told her I had been researching it for weeks, and I was extremely interested.  She was having great results, so my husband said he would try it first.  If after three days on the drops he was still alive then we would start Patrick on them.

I contacted Jim Humble, discoverer of CD.  I was hoping he would help me to better understand how to dose CD for children with autism.  I explained to him that there was nothing on the Internet for kids.  He helped me do just that.  He gave the following recommendations: 1 drop 8x a day for children under 25lbs, 2 drops 8x a day for children under 50lbs, and 3 drops 8x a day for children under 100 lbs.  He told me that the more doses that we can get in one day the better, 8 doses are the minimum.

That first week Patrick vomited (classic Herxheimer reaction), because I went too fast with the dosing.  On the Internet, the only protocols I found gave high doses a few times a day, and as I found that week low and slow doses all day was the way to go.  However, despite the Herxheimer reaction I caused Patrick (through lack of a low and slow dosing protocol) he was still noticeably better.  Seven days later my son had improved eye contact and was asking for things that he had never requested in his life.  At 9pm he looked me straight in the eye and said, “I want bed.”  With my jaw hanging open in disbelief, I followed him upstairs to his room.  When we got there he turned to me and looked me straight in the eye again and said, “I want take bath.”  I knew I was not dreaming, and I had really just heard that.  After his bath he looked me straight in the eye and said “I want brush teeth” and the whole time we brushed his teeth he was giggling… so I asked him what he wanted and he said, “I want ‘kanket’” so I said, “blanket” and he repeated, “blanket, yes” and ran to the bed, and jumped on it to enjoy the blanket.  He had never jumped into the bed in his life before that.  This was the first seven days on CD.  I was blown away.

By September of 2010, every person that was previously only using herbs or medications to kill viruses, bacteria, candida and other pathogens was about to hear about CD.  That’s when things really started to happen.

Back in 2007, I learned how Dr. Anju Usman was having great success with her biofilm protocol.  She concluded that virus, bacteria, candida, parasites, and heavy metals are all joined together in the biofilm.  And when I saw that CD killed pathogens and neutralized heavy metals and so many other things that make up the core of autism, I knew we would kill a lot of birds with one stone.  I was also hoping to sidestep a few pharmaceutical pieces of the biofilm protocol, i.e. antifungals, antibiotics, antivirals and be able to use something with no side effects (a Herxheimer reaction is different than a side effect).

I was in the process of discovering how we could use this extremely inexpensive oxidizer that is available all over the world to help the body heal from autism.  The other important part of CD is that you don’t need to take your child somewhere for treatment, as in the cases of hyperbarics, ozone or IV chelation… there is no doctor needed, or trips to visit doctors in other countries.  It’s as simple as taking a supplement and you modify your dose depending on what you feel and see.  Basically, any family with access to the internet, diet, CD and a few choice supplements can heal their child with autism.

After having limited success with my son on different biomedical treatments, even with the best doctors in the world, it was time for a change.  With CD we are attacking the biofilm all day as CD destroys the electron shells of the different molecules making up pathogens, therefore releasing toxins into the bloodstream.  This release of toxins is the principal reason one must go slow and build up the dose, to avoid a Herxheimer reaction as so many of these children are very toxic.  If we kill too many pathogens at once, too many toxins enter the bloodstream.  The body will immediately look to eliminate them, most notably through diarrhea and vomiting.  This is unpleasant and totally avoidable.

CD is so benign you can use it on your skin, hair, ears, eyes, orally, rectally, vaginally, inhaled, etc.  At the doses we use CD in aqueous solutions; it is not detrimental to healthy cells.  It specifically targets pathogens due to their negative charges.  Once I understood the basics, and Patrick was still improving, I started to share with others to understand how to use CD.  Very quickly we were having success that many other clinicians weren’t having.  Kids on the spectrum were improving, some started recovering, and we had to sit up and take notice.  I was blown away again.

In November, a child recovered and then in December another child recovered.  Their families took them to psychiatrists and their doctors to have their diagnosis removed.  These were the very important first steps that convinced me that this is something that we must continue to do.  We started to spread the word that this was an inexpensive treatment modality available in every continent of the world.

With my background in biomed I learned that you watch for reactions while you load the dose.  Low and slow is the rule.  We arrived at the one-drop at a time dose and as kids recovered, parents shared their stories with other parents and more and more people started using it.  It was very grass roots.

This is when the explosion happened.  I started to think that this might be the missing piece of the puzzle that we had been looking for.  In all seriousness, there is no one cure for all kids with autism, which is why each child’s protocol and path to recovery is different.  While we have seen great success with CD today I keep working to discover new modalities that help these children heal as non-invasively as possible.  Now that we had had success in the Spanish-speaking world, I needed to share these treatments with families of children with autism all over the world.

Around this time something very interesting started happening with the CD enemas… parasites; more specifically roundworms were coming out with the CD enemas of the parents and their children using the Protocol.  Today I have hundreds of photos, which were sent to me from parents all over the world (first world and third world nations) who have seen worms passed in stools.

At the moment laboratory testing is woefully inadequate, but a keen veterinarian can easily check for the presence of parasites in a stool sample using a high-powered microscope.  The children who have had stool samples reviewed by microscopy have come back positive.  Pinworms, roundworms, tapeworms and hookworms are the most common findings.  Stool analysis done by laboratories have consistently come back negative even when worms have clearly been seen and photographed and seen under the microscope.  In fact, one mother I know sent in a live, moving worm that her child had passed.  The result?  Negative for parasites!  At this point it is simply not enough to trust a coprological analysis when looking for parasites.

Dr. Andreas Kalcker and Miriam Carrasco have been instrumental in this piece of the puzzle and have designed an amazing parasite protocol that has already helped many children including Patrick.  In October of 2011, Andreas gave me the first parasite protocol and families in Spain, Mexico, Venezuela and others throughout Latin America began to use it.  We’ll talk about it in depth in Chapter 8 and how it has affected my life as well as the lives of so many other families with children on the spectrum.

In January of 2012, I got in touch with Teri Arranga and I was invited to speak at AutismOne in May of 2012.  This would be the first time I would present at AutismOne in English, and obviously the first ever presentation on CD.  After eight years of biomed and six years of helping families in Latin America I would be flying above the radar, knowing full well there would be a tradeoff.  While I would reach families all over the US, for the first time I would end up taking a lot of flak in the blogosphere.  We survived!

When I first came across CD in 2010 and began to watch it work it’s miracles with autism, I expected parents, doctors and professionals who dealt with autism to be excited.  I assumed they would begin to do research as to how and why the chlorine dioxide molecule was healing/curing autism.  Much to my chagrin, many people were disinterested.  Some even went so far as to say that what I had seen was impossible or that CD was toxic.  Well, to that I would say that healing/curing autism with a toxic substance is impossible.  Since then a handful of some of the best doctors in the world have become interested (that number is growing) and quite a few parents are taking note.  Hundreds in fact went to my presentation at AutismOne.  Several told me in hindsight that they had thought about not attending because the title of the presentation sounded too good to be true… 40 Children Recovered in 21 Months.

The people who did attend were pleased with the information and many began the Protocol.  However, what was to happen the days and weeks after my presentation blew my mind and was absolutely beyond my wildest nightmares.  Some parents attacked me in print and on the Internet.  I received threatening and accusatory emails filled with hate speech and foul language.

In most cases these emails and blogs were from anti-biomed parents.  Others in the biomed movement told me not to worry, that these people were notorious for doing this sort of thing to others.  They jump on the newest and brightest intervention in order to get their time in the limelight.  Stealing attention away from the treatment, altering the truth, and in some cases lying to people about what is happening just to get other parents up in arms.  Never could I have imagined anything like what transpired.  However, as time passed, so did the threats, negative blog posts, etc.

Update for 2014

One of my favorite quotes states:

“All truth passes through three stages.  First, it is ridiculed.  Second, it is violently opposed.  Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Fortunately, the 2013 AutismOne conference was a totally different experience—which may indicate we are slipping into that third stage.  In May of 2013, we were at 93 recoveries, and during my presentation at AutismOne, some courageous parents took the stage with me to share their children’s stories of healing and recovery.  There were no attacks.  As the first edition of this book launched at the conference,  many of our wonderful moderators were on hand to answer questions, and assist parents who were interested in getting started.  I had a book signing along with the pleasure of meeting many parents I had up until then only known through email or Facebook.  By January 2014, the first edition had already sold thousands of copies.  If you searched for “autism” in the category of “books” on Amazon, it was showing up in various positions of the first two pages of over 10,000+ results, with the majority being five-star reviews.  If you changed the order to “Average Customer Review,” it was in the top 10, sometimes in position #1.

This has always been a grassroots parent driven movement, and today help is available in 7 languages online to answer questions and offer support.  As with anything, if you attract enough attention, you will also attract some “haters,” however CD has already earned itself a place in the treatment modalities that are healing the symptoms known as autism.

CDS (chlorine dioxide solution) was introduced in the first edition, as we were still hoping that it was something better than it turned out to be.  It was a better tasting and more tolerated form of CD, and still remains an excellent preparation choice for those who are extremely sensitive, and have trouble tolerating even one drop of classic CD.  However, we found that over the long haul, only one child so far has recovered with strict CDS use—the other 114 were with classic CD.

In this edition we are introducing Chlorine Dioxide Holding [Solution] (CDH).  When this preparation technique was introduced it was touted as something similar to CDS… having a better taste, is better tolerated, along with less Herxheimer reactions.  However, there is one big difference; CDH still contains a small amount of the raw materials required for the preparation of CD (sodium chlorite and citric/hydrochloric acid).  On the other hand, CDS was chlorine dioxide gas ONLY dissolved in water.  That small amount of raw materials in the CDH preparation may be what makes the difference.  After 90 days of CDH use with over 70 families, it has not failed.  Gains have not plateaued, and parents seem to be having an easier time increasing their children’s dose, without any Herxheimer reactions.  Another amazing thing about CDH is that the natural sweetener Stevia can be added to improve the flavor, while the potency of the dose does not change.  This can be a game changer for kids that have taste aversion to classic CD.  It should be noted that not all brands of Stevia are created equal and there may be some that can’t be used.  We are still testing various brands.

CDS and CDH have both earned their place in methods of chlorine dioxide preparation, thus allowing more people to benefit from the healing properties of CD who might not have otherwise been able to tolerate it.

People are always interested to know how my son Patrick is doing, and I am happy to share a little bit about what has been going on in his life lately.  This past August 2013, Patrick turned 13.  I had expected him to be recovered by now; however, we are still working towards a full recovery.  He is better every month and his current ATEC is somewhere between 22 and 24.  Patrick is very social, he loves a party.  This Halloween, my sister threw a party and it was 11:30pm before he was finally ready to go home.  He also loves spending time with his family.  Every night he tells me, “I love you Mommy, gimme kissy.”  That is not only his way of telling me he wants a kiss, but that he wants me to come spend time with him before we go to sleep.
He has been preparing his own food in the kitchen, and while he has always liked to help chop, his being able to place his selection in the toaster oven and heat it himself is new.  We didn’t show him how to do this.  He decided on his own that he would heat and serve himself his dinner one day.  Another major advancement is that he is now able to clean himself after toileting, which is something he always asked for help with before.  He will even wear headphones when listening to YouTube videos or watching DVDs if someone has to make a phone call.

We don’t have any conduct issues, and if no one told you I had a son with autism, and you saw us out, you would never know.  Apraxia remains the biggest factor delaying Patrick’s recovery.  That said, Patrick does communicate more than ever, and attempts more language than ever before.

As far as where I see this movement heading in the future, I believe that if truth does pass through 3 stages then we have finally entered the third stage of “self-evidence.”  The CD Protocol has now recovered 115 children (as of December 2013); is used in 58 countries; and has already helped over 5,000 people on the spectrum, with more and more being added every day.  The power of social media allows for parents to share with other parents their successes with the protocol, thus forming a stronger bond.  Parents in the autism community trust other parents above doctors, and rightfully so.

At this point we are breaking many stereotypes associated with healing autism.  For example, we now know that after the age of 9, recovery is still very possible (a 31 year old man is nearing recovery as I write these words).  You do not have to be rich to recover your child from autism.  You do not have to speak English—there are Facebook groups in 7 languages and this book will be translated into at least 13 languages.  We now know that autism is not a psychological disorder.  It is biomedical… viruses, bacteria, candida, parasites, and heavy metals cause the behaviors that lead to an autism diagnosis.  Once you remove what is causing the symptoms, you can remove the diagnosis.

I witness on a daily basis what was not supposed to be possible: the healing of autism.
The future is bright, and it is up to us to share it!

Best in health,


2 thoughts on “History

  1. Shell Connors

    God bless you and your work.
    You are a brave warrior in exposing alternatives in healing for the most weak of us! I will be showing this research and buying your book for my nephew who was just diagnosed with autism and other “behaviors”.

  2. Gloria Taitano

    Thank you for all your research in helping children with autism. Can you tell me the difference between mms and CD solution. I bought the two bottles as a set. I would like to know how to use it. I have a son who is 13 years old and about 73 pounds. He has bloating and gas issues, and focusing and consecration ssues.


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