Kerri Rivera Responds to an Irish Reporter

I just received an email from a reporter at RTE Irish Television.  On the bottom of this page is a copy of her email and here is my public and personal response to her:


April 2, 2015

Dear Rita O’Reilliy:

I have decided to follow Jim Humble’s example and also respond to your request publicly so there can be no question as to the content of my response.  If you (or anyone else reading this) have not already done so, please read Jim’s response first.

My response to your statements would mostly duplicate what Jim has already said.  So, instead I would like to say the following and you can do with it as you wish:

I am a mom who loves her children deeply.  I would never dream of doing anything to harm them, or anyone else’s children.

My younger son developed the signs of autism within hours of receiving a vaccine at the age of two—I’m not getting into the vaccine debate—I’m just telling you what happened.

My family and I spent night after night dealing with a child that was sick, out of control, and would barely sleep.  All parents know how difficult it is when a child is sick and won’t sleep.  That usually only lasts a few days and life goes on.  But, for a parent of a severely autistic child, that stressful time lasts for years, if not a lifetime!  There are no breaks from the challenges.

The thing that no parent in such a situation wants to hear is:

“Just love your child the way they are.
They are a gift and you should not try to change them.”

Anyone who suggests such a thing has not walked in my shoes or those of countless other parents around the world with a similar situation. 

Let me be very clear here. I AM NOT talking about someone with Asperger’s syndrome.  I AM talking about a situation where a child is out of control, hurting themselves and others, no eye contact, often unable to speak, etc.

The only thing I could do was to search for a solution.  I turned over every stone at great expense.  Some things worked a little bit, while most things were of no use.

Along the way I shared what I learned with other parents in the same predicament.  That’s what autism parents do…  they compare notes to learn from each other—hoping just maybe another parent has discovered something that works.  You see, the medical establishment says there is no cure… live with it.  I was not willing to live with the hopelessness of that diagnosis and neither should anyone else.

Long story short… we learned about CD (MMS as Jim calls it) and tried it very carefully.  I didn’t hold out for any great hope, but figured it was worth a try.  To my shock and amazement, my son started showing important behavioral changes within days.  Over time he continued to show significant improvements that anyone around him noticed as well.

I shared my experiences with other parents and they tried it with similar, and sometimes with better results.

It was never my intention or desire to be in the spotlight of autism, but life has an odd way of taking you to places you would never intentionally go.  Over time, word spread and I was invited to speak at conferences and share what I had learned.  Eventually, I found myself repeating over and over again how to do things.  This was too much and lead to the development of a book which was further refined to the 2nd edition, and is now out in paperback form and also available for free as a comprehensive 594 page downloadable e-book.  The goal of this book was never to get rich, but rather make it easier to share what I had learned.

The only reason why this controversy has come to light is because CD works.  If it did not work or if it was hurting people, then tens of thousands around the world would not be using it to help their children reduce and eliminate the symptoms known as autism.

My journey in this world of autism has been bittersweet.  On the one hand, I receive daily compliments and appreciation from parents I’ve helped; and on the other hand, I’m attacked daily by people I don’t even know and who obviously have not bothered to really learn anything about this.

Ms. O’Reilly, you have a choice.  You can either take the easy road and produce yet another distorted “bashing bleachers” news program; OR, you can actually learn and report about the truth–the truth that the symptoms of autism can in fact be altered for the better.

The choice is yours.

Kerri Rivera

PS:  I am available for interview through Skype.

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9 thoughts on “Kerri Rivera Responds to an Irish Reporter

  1. Edwin

    Rita O’Reilly doesn’t sound much like a reporter. She sound more like an accuser posing as a reporter. Great response, Kerri.

  2. Patsy Brunwin

    Written from the heart Kerri, simple and to the point. What an inspiration you have been to all of us with children who have had issues which doctors have no idea how to cure or give us answers. You kindly shared your journey with your son which gave us hope for our kids. You are an Angel and we thank you for your time and efforts. Sharing is spreading the word. Of course we as parents were terrified of trying something we did not know but you gave us the courage to give CD a go and wow what results we have had. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is a shame there are people out there who want to be so negative! It unfortunatley is the way of the world, lovers, haters, yin, yang! You gave us a choice about telling us the truth about CD and we consiously made the decision ourselves that we would give it a go and I am glad we did. Thank you, thank you , thank you.

  3. Dr. Anonymous

    Kerri Rivera,

    I really like the compassion of your love of children, not just your own but all the others who you have helped. When something comes along that helps so many people on a protocol that is evolving over time there are always haters. Who else can say they have helped 175 children with any protocol?? I am very much looking forward to the science to back up what is being done. The negative people remind me of the Salem witch hunts where the people were afraid of what they did not understand. I personally feel sorry for them, but am repulsed by the low level they stoop to twist any little tactic to make it look like what you are suggesting is bad.

    I have had the pleasure of seeing several patients whose parents have chosen to use your protocol and have had significant improvements from it. While it isn’t a magic bullet, I find it to be a very useful piece of the puzzle of helping autism patients improve their quality of life and the joy that comes to the family as the improvements come. I look forward to seeing new things added, more understanding and application so that more families achieve the goal of having a happy and functional life.

    Thank you for your courage and strength!! When something so helpful comes along and is attacked so vehemently it seems you must be doing something right and I know from my professional observations that you are indeed helping people. It may not help all people, but for the ones who are helped it is life changing!!

    Dr. Anonymous

    PS: I’m not giving my real name due to the nature of the medical system these days and all the attacks going on. I don’t need problems in my practice.

  4. James Beyor


    I have been following your work for the last 4 years and I am amazed at the cookie-cutter imbeciles who are what I call “no-sense” believers. Not non-sense, but no human discretionary sense at all, just blowhards and talking heads. It is these egregious petty-bands who run with faulty data, mostly political iconic coercion, with no life searching experiences and are made to be scared to death by big brother authority. It is the uninformed minions who are befuddled by any real thought process. It is they who will buy and sell professional garbage and false promises all day every day, like chemotherapy, which kills more people than it ever cures. That is a medical fact by the way! BUT, low and behold, the cancer society is filthy rich by the desperate few who survived the death ray and had a strong immune system capable of springing back from it. Why does the dentist use a lead shield on our body when they do an X-ray of our teeth? Come on folks, wake up.

    People need to wake up to the double standards of the mind gamers of the medical profession. One year they tell us, “milk is good for you.” The next year they say, “milk is bad for you.” Hey, it sells and confuses. Right? It is these dumb-founded people, like the professional gamers who will condemn life real medical fact to sell their licensed share holding in the commercial synthetic drug sales and credentialed game market, gullibility arena. Shame on us intelligent people for helping others–virtually for free–while at the same time, clever medical marketers exploit fear and desperation with lies to produce pockets full cash.

    People with serious health problems who look for the “experts” to save them can only be called uninformed and misinformed “believers” who are easily deceived by scary words, like chlorine dioxide, bleach and sodium chlorite. My experience has taught me that MMS or CD is a life staple. A two part mix of simple compounds, when used wisely and properly, produces a potent catalyst for better human health.

    Cathy, my nutritional expert, and I have been using MMS, each day for over 4 years in recommended doses and we have vitality, feel better than we did before we began, when unbeknownst to me I had stomach problems directly related to parasitic activity. For two days, MMS worked its way through my abdomen, my colon, my stomach. When I use the phrase, holy shit, I really mean that. Cathy said she thought I had died as my defecation was so rank and putrid. Stuff came out of me, not of this world. Talk about stench. This is real and this is my biological fact. I went from feeling incredibly sluggish, bloated and with no energy… to having energy to burn. Does MMS [CD] work? You bet your bewildered BOTTOM it does! I am not a believer of very much, more a doubting Thomas. I approached it slowly, adjusting to what I could realistically handle. I felt my body tell me what I needed. It worked. I am at 12 drops a day, along with four glasses of purified water. I now feel better than I thought I could ever expect. I am amazed at the simplicity of a healing process such as MMS. Shame on those who complicate the world with man-made aversions and systemic group political lies.

    But Kerri… Your work is very real, very important, and very necessary despite the totally uninformed slaves who blindly follow the modern medical profession. Baby, blow them off! You do not deserve to suffer from their idiotic voices. You have done much good. WE who HAVE experience with MMS what your efforts are worth. Many hugs to you and Jim Humble. We support you in every way.

    You are a true healer of children and your efforts and your book are priceless. It is highly prized by the many who know the truth first hand.

    Accolades dear sweet Kerri.

  5. Rhoda

    Dear Kerri,
    as an Irish person, I’m highly embarrassed by the attempt to disgrace and discredit the fantastic work you’ve done with the children with Autism.
    Please keep up the great work and thanks for that wonderful response. I fear that it, or Jim’s fantastic response were not used on the TV show as it was a sensationalist rant about ‘bleach’ damaging the nation’s kids. Again, I’m mortified that my country is supporting such slanderous claims.
    Thanks for the free access to your book!
    Just another proof of how you’ve done what you’ve done to selflessly spread the word about the efficacy of CD/MMS.
    Much appreciation,

  6. Ellenique

    Dear Kerri

    My feelings are thoughts are captured perfectly by James Beyor. I think he conveyed not only the facts and experience we ALL have with MMS, but also the emotion of utter disbelief at the number of ignorance still alive today!!

    Kerri, my husband I and my two sons have all been using MMS for a year now. I feel better every single day!!! I have also inspired so many people to use MMS and they too ALL have excellent results. The ailments of all the people I have inspired range from allergies, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, ADHD, candida with leaking intestine syndrome, cancer, diabetes type 2……and much much more.

    It’s people like you and Jim Humble with your spreading the word about MMS who are a gift to the world, to Humanity!

    We live in the Netherlands and I am amazed daily at the complete ignorance of people; the SHEOPLE mentality of Follow the Leader…..The Leader being the Big Corporations who don’t give a damn about True Health. All that counts is the Money. Being sick, but Especially STAYING SICK is their Profit Model!!! People need to let go of their ” Truth by Propoganda” and give way to a New Reality……One which is not fueled by Big Pharma. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

    To the “reporter” from the Irish paper, I’d like to say the following. Where is all the proof? Where all all the thousands of people in the world who are suffering from the effects of taking MMS? STOP criticizing MMS and deliver facts! There are NONE! There are only facts of thousands upon thousands who are healed, ready to give LOVE to the world themselves. The New world which we are creating together; the world of LOVE and LIGHT!!

  7. angelica

    Gracias kerri, eres una madre exceptional, mi hijo esta en el umbral de su recuperacion.
    todo lo demas no importa, todo ha merecido la pena, gracias

    Google Translation: Thanks Kerri, you’re an exceptional mother, my child is on the threshold of recovery.
    everything else does not matter, it’s all worth it, thanks

  8. Ellen Guines

    More power to you, Kerri…may God bless you as you’re helping humanity…when there’s nothing else to work…you came up on the surface….we’ll pray for you and your continued work for mankind…thank you for” fighting the good fight “…

  9. Nancy

    My son’s diagnosis of Autism has been permanently overturned by American doctor(s). CD worked for our family followed by extensive, responsible lab work for supplements. He now is correctly diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder and off multiple addictive prescription medications thanks to LDN Low Dose Naltrexone. We are a very happy CD family. Thanks to Kerri, I got an unhealthy family atmosphere back on track to love and enjoy.


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