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  1. Miriam Nunez

    I can see you are a wonderful person sheering what you have found for your own experience , the wonderful result for the children and the parents come out as a result.
    I dared to use this space to ask you PLEASE advise me how can I do to help my son Luis with your CD ( MMS) protocol according with his age . he findings difficult to cope with life, he is 18 he’ll be 19 in December, Luis had his first vaccines in my country, when we arrived to UK they repeated the firs dose again despite i have told them that he had the first and after a short time they did gave the second of MMR , he change a lot since, he withdrawal and lots of difficulties on his behaviour , his first year (he was 4) at school it was a nightmare for him, teachers, not knowing how to deal with him. he has been diagnosed with Autism spectrum (ASP) when he was seven years old, they took a long time to find out, now life is too difficult for him and the family, he tried to take his life ones, he hasn’t sleep walking around till 3 in the morning ,he has a really bud anger issues. bowel problem etc. I will be forever grateful


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